Quraiseh, Bagdad Iraq, 1965
Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad, 1994
Royal Academy of Fine Art, The Hague, 2009

Lives in Canada, works in The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

Quraiseh, like other contemporary artists, uses paper bonded to the canvas; an artistic medium making use of visuals, maps, photos, music scores and other materials found on several places of the world, such as rope and iron wire.

Quraiseh however, uses his materials in a different way. He combines high quality papaer with rich sturctures for the purpose of obtaining different effects, making different structures in the surface of the works. Quraiseh doesn't only collect, he would also detach, incinerate or drill. The artist calls this "pilfering". It thus extends through the use of tenuous- and often bright colours, and some research on media not widely conventionally known as pictorial art. This formula removes the monotony of the flat surface and thereby results in unique art.

The mix of two cultures, the mystic arabic and the traditional western results in engaging collages, each one with it's own individual story.

Born in Iraq, Quraiseh left his country after his graduation from the Academy in 1994 to start his career in Europe. He now lives in Canada and regularly travels between the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Morocco) and Western Europe to create new artpieces.

Visual artist

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